Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction

Another online preview was shown to us yesterday, this time all of the releases were for the Mortal Realms. Although I am not the biggest connoisseur when it comes to Age of Sigmar (40K & Middle Earth being my favourite systems) some of the models that have been coming out are too good to resistContinue reading “Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction”

Dead & The Divine Preview: Reaction

The online previews from the Warhammer Community team have been relentless lately. I’m sure that they will run out of models to show us before too long. That being said, some really great models have been shown off so I decided to give my thoughts on yesterday’s preview. In case you missed it, you canContinue reading “Dead & The Divine Preview: Reaction”

Middle Earth: New Easterlings on the Horizon

The Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game is still going as strong as ever. The recent previews and releases have really knocked it out of the park for me. The Ents Treebeard and Quickbeam are looking particularly magnificent.  The latest (and final tease of 2020) has made a surprise appearance and in a completely different directionContinue reading “Middle Earth: New Easterlings on the Horizon”

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