Middle Earth SBG: Fangorn & Lothlorien Alliance!

Bit of an unusual 600 point army list for you this week based on the allies of Rohan, this is a what-if scenario where Haldir has been sent to aid the trees of Fangorn instead of the men at Helm’s Deep. I don’t believe that the list is competitive but it was certainly fun toContinue reading “Middle Earth SBG: Fangorn & Lothlorien Alliance!”

Middle Earth SBG: Isengard Siege Force!

Good day all and hope you are keeping well, I’m back with (yet another!) detour and this is as a result of COVID restrictions finally letting up here in the UK and finally getting a game in. Now then, the list I took was made up of models that I have had for years –Continue reading “Middle Earth SBG: Isengard Siege Force!”

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