Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction

Another online preview was shown to us yesterday, this time all of the releases were for the Mortal Realms. Although I am not the biggest connoisseur when it comes to Age of Sigmar (40K & Middle Earth being my favourite systems) some of the models that have been coming out are too good to resistContinue reading “Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction”

New Year, New Army: Part Three

For this year’s Age of Sigmar New Year, New Army challenge I had set myself an ambitious challenge with a new Idoneth Deepkin force – let’s see the progress!  To re-cap on the objectives, for this challenge I had wanted to: Go for something different on the bases. Avoid using blue in the paint scheme.Continue reading “New Year, New Army: Part Three”

New Year, New Army: Part Two

So the New Year, New Army now started in earnest I wasted no time in getting the models in the Start Collecting box assembled.  As I said in part one, I had chosen to go with an Idoneth Deepkin army for Age of Sigmar. As for the assembly, with the Namarti Thralls I decided toContinue reading “New Year, New Army: Part Two”

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