Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction

Another online preview was shown to us yesterday, this time all of the releases were for the Mortal Realms. Although I am not the biggest connoisseur when it comes to Age of Sigmar (40K & Middle Earth being my favourite systems) some of the models that have been coming out are too good to resistContinue reading “Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction”

Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 4

Another quick update, this time checking off a hobby bingo square for converting a model. Nothing too ambitious, this is a simple conversion for a Rohan watchman taking a flaming brand from an Uruk-Hai siege troop and replacing it for his sword as well as removing the shield. He will most likely be used inContinue reading “Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 4”

CD Terrain Series

This is a method that I have seen crop up on various forums using an old CD as a base for scatter terrain. Anything that uses old leftover bits and pieces is a winner in my eyes and it makes a sturdy base for your terrain piece too. I had started making a few ofContinue reading “CD Terrain Series”

Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 3

A little progress made for Gondor with Faramir now complete. The mounted version isn’t too far off completion but I have been debating whether to make a conversion to equip him with a lance or not. Method wise, I used the same paints as the banner bearer but took a little more time with theContinue reading “Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 3”

Warhammer 40,000: First HQ for the Crusade

Being focussed recently on painting Middle Earth and Age of Sigmar, I thought it was time to switch it up and get some painting done on my Crimson Fist force for Warhammer 40,000. If you’re interested, you can find the 25 Power Level starting force here. The first marine is ready for battle ! ThisContinue reading “Warhammer 40,000: First HQ for the Crusade”

New Year, New Army: Part Three

For this year’s Age of Sigmar New Year, New Army challenge I had set myself an ambitious challenge with a new Idoneth Deepkin force – let’s see the progress!  To re-cap on the objectives, for this challenge I had wanted to: Go for something different on the bases. Avoid using blue in the paint scheme.Continue reading “New Year, New Army: Part Three”

Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 2

Continuing on from my last hobby log for the Middle Earth SBG where I had completed a classic metal standard bearer for Minas Tirith, this last week I have been working on some more additions for the White City.  Seeing other Gondor miniatures I had tucked away, I found my neglected plastic Pippin model. AsContinue reading “Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 2”

Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log

It was a busy week this week and has it sometimes happens, didn’t leave much time for painting. Not letting this stop me, I had a look through the miniatures cupboard to see what could be done for a Sunday hobby project. In the last Middle Earth SBG post, I challenged myself to complete theContinue reading “Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log”

Dead & The Divine Preview: Reaction

The online previews from the Warhammer Community team have been relentless lately. I’m sure that they will run out of models to show us before too long. That being said, some really great models have been shown off so I decided to give my thoughts on yesterday’s preview. In case you missed it, you canContinue reading “Dead & The Divine Preview: Reaction”

Warhammer 40,000: Start of a Crusade

Having started projects for both Age of Sigmar and the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game this year you may think that would be enough to keep occupied. Like any good hobbyist however I feel that you can never have too many miniatures on the go. Now, the reason for this particular project is with theContinue reading “Warhammer 40,000: Start of a Crusade”

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