Middle Earth SBG: Isengard Siege Force!

Good day all and hope you are keeping well, I’m back with (yet another!) detour and this is as a result of COVID restrictions finally letting up here in the UK and finally getting a game in.

Now then, the list I took was made up of models that I have had for years – I think in-fact that the original intention for these guys was to build a board for Games Workshop’s Armies on Parade having a huge Uruk Hai army besieging Helm’s Deep. This project was never realised and so the army went into storage.

The reason for digging them out again was to try out one of the newer army lists, in this case the siege force Legendary Legion from the War in Rohan supplement. Do excuse the messy workstation, but you can imagine my surprise at the number of models there, so there was plenty to choose from especially for a 600 points game!

The game of course was a blast and I actually really enjoyed using the force so I thought perhaps it was time to give them a bit of a dusting-off to get them back in order. The army list that I took was similar, but what I will be going with for now is:

  • Uruk Hai Leader (Leader) w/ Shield
  • 1x Uruk Hai Berserker
  • 5x Uruk Hai Warrior w/ Shield
  • 5x Uruk Hai Warrior w/ Pike
  • 1x Uruk Hai Warrior w/ Pike & Banner
  • 4x Uruk Hai Warrior w/ Crossbow
  • Uruk Hai Captain w/ Shield
  • 1x Uruk Hai Berserker
  • 5x Uruk Hai Warrior w/ Shield
  • 6x Uruk Hai Warrior w/ Crossbow
  • 1x Uruk Hai Demolition Team (2x Uruk Hai Warrior, 1x Uruk Hai Berserker)
  • 1x Isengard Assault Ballista (1x Uruk Hai Siege Veteran, 2x Uruk Hai Crew)

Totalling 600 points with some toys and a respectable number of Uruk Hai still. The buff gained by the Uruk Hai leader makes him somewhat more survivable but I still would not like the thought of sending him up against top-tier heroes – that is what the ballista and bomb are for! Having the crossbows in there brings some serious firepower, though it does make the fighting core of shields and pikes a bit smaller. Originally I did bring an Uruk Hai Shaman as the courage in the force is not great but he was substituted for the bomb as my thinking is that Isengard’s special rule for breaking for courage purposes at 66% will help, and there are a few berserkers in there for perhaps holding objectives or tying up terrifying monsters.

Going for a new colour scheme to paint these guys, where I have opted for a more purple-ish skin stone rather than red. Here’s the first Berserker done!

Uruk Hai are really nice and easy to paint so I am hoping to get these up to table top standard without too much of a struggle. In the meantime I am nearly finished with one of the new Dwarven heroes which will be coming soon.

Thanks for reading and do stay tuned for more and please feel free to check out the rest of the blog. Until next time all the best,


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