Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 8

Back at it again after a brief hiatus to refresh and recharge. With the new releases coming out of Forgeworld, I couldn’t resist picking them up and getting to work on them.

Starting this time with the Easterling Acolytes, these were a bit different for me as I the only Easterlings that I have are a few odd warriors in my Mordor force from a while back. The Acolytes do look nice and I thought that it would be a good opportunity to test a new colour scheme for potential expansion in the future. I imagine that there are more Easterling releases to come with the up-coming supplement which are going to prove tempting.

As for the models you receive the three different poses in the pack, there are no optional extra bitz and the prices are what you would expect from Forgeworld so having a few of them as specialist troops isn’t too bad but whole warbands are going to get expensive. By comparison, I wonder who remembers metal troops blisters for around £5.00 GBP back in the Fellowship of the Ring days!

The quality of the models however is high as expected, minimal clean-up including a soap wash due to the resin and they went together easily – the helmet crests and sashes weren’t tricky as long as you glue them on before the arms.

On the paintjob I riffed off the GW scheme of black & red and went for orange instead. I wanted to go away from the “Ninja” aesthetic and more for a fanatical shock trooper so to complement the orange I tried my hand at some blue arm tattoos to represent their devotion to Sauron. As they are warriors in training, I tarnished the gold armour with green ink to try and show a worn handed-down finish. If they survive to becoming knights then perhaps they can get a nicer set of armour. To finish off the base a tuft of vibrant green flowers were added which I would picture being the fertile lands of Dorwinion being trod underfoot on the march to Dale.

This was a pleasant set indeed, I am however more excited about some of the other new releases which I will be sharing soon. Here’s a hint, they are very dangerous over short distances!

Thanks again for reading, hope you see you soon and feel free to check out my other posts or let me know what you are working on. Until next time all the best,


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