MESBG: Goblin Town Archer – Conversion & House Rules

If you haven’t already, then check out my previous post for a quick read on the inspiration behind this series.

Now, this particular conversion is very simple to do, I’ve used Games Workshop parts here but honestly you can just use whatever you have on hand if you feel that it looks right.

You can catch a glimpse of these guys briefly in the escape from Goblin Town sequence from the first Hobbit movie. As I had a glut of Goblin Warriors laying around it was a good opportunity for a conversion experiment.

Here’s how to make the conversion in three simple steps:

  • Pick a suitable looking Goblin Warrior. I went for an individual with a bag and strap to give the quiver something to attach to, though you could add a strap out of greenstuff if you are confident enough.
  • Attach the bow. Any orcish looking bow is suitable. Here I used one from the Hunter Orcs set.
  • Attach the quiver. Again use what is on hand, this one came from the same set.

Using the model in games you may like to proxy them in as a archer for Moria, Angmar or even Mordor. For the adventurous, here are some House Rules for friendly games to add some variety to your Goblin Town forces:


Goblin Town Archer – 5 Points
Goblin, Goblin Town, Infantry

Mv 5″ F 2/5+ S3 D3 A1 W1 C2

Dagger, Goblin Short Bow (12″ Range, S2)

Special Rules
Kings Finest – Goblin Town archers must re-roll rolls of 1 when wounding Friendly models.

The profile is a suitably poor shot. Also, with the special rule the intention was to make them so bad that they could almost be good in situations where you you may wish to shoot into combat and take out your own troops to stop an enemy hero from calling a heroic combat! With the amount of goblins on the field, a few extra casualties won’t be a concern and this could be quite handy!

Well that’s it for now so thanks for reading and if you have any thoughts on this or what you would like to see next then let me know in the comments below. Until next time all the best,


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