Middle Earth: House Rules & Conversions

One of the things that I have always enjoyed about the hobby is converting existing models to suit your own imagination. Sometimes this can be to represent characters from your favourite stories or lore or often to just add individuality to your models. 

An aspect of the hobby that goes hand-in-hand with this are house rules or unofficial rules that are created by the community for these models to allow them to be used in your gaming. 

If you are a veteran of the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game then you may remember sites such as The Last Alliance and The One Ring that held a host of articles written by the community on these topics. Games Workshop had also indulged in this themselves and I am sure many hobbyists remember fondly the old White Dwarf articles for Fiefdoms, Mirkwood and more. Interestingly with the White Dwarf articles are the profiles that later went on to be made into full models (it was many years however between the article for Elven Cavalry, which was an High Elf Warrior spliced onto a Rider of Rohan, and the Knights of Rivendell being released)! 

So in order to satiate my cravings for nostalgia and creativity I am going to be introducing a new series for House Rules and Conversions

Now while the Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game has plenty of factions to choose from at face value, in reality many of them are limited to a single troop type. There is so much unexplored potential and I wonder if you would imagine what an army book in 40K or AoS would look like for some of these factions.

Check back next week for the first in the series where we will be looking at the delightful creatures of Goblin Town!

Thanks for reading and until next time all the best,


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