Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 7

Very quick update today on how the Middle Earth hobby bingo is going. I already have the slow-burner 600 point good army started so for a quick win painted up an old Mordor bolt thrower to check-off the war machine square. 

The crew have gone AWOL so if anyone has conversion ideas from regular Mordor orcs then please let me know! I am pretty sure that they had ended up as captain conversions a long while ago.

Now, I do have a large amount of Mordor on standby so will be looking at making a 600 point list for them as a counterpart to the Minas Tirith force for evil army bingo goal. Again this isn’t going to be competitive army list due to prioritising the backlog of unpainted models for recruitment.

Now is good opportunity to take a look at how things are going overall:

That’s all for now, check back later in the week for more updates. Until then all the best, Steve. 

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