Warhammer 40,000: The Force Assembles

It’s been a while since sharing progress on the 40K crusade so I thought it time to show how it’s going. 

The entire force is assembled and base coated and currently in various stages of painting. My efforts have been focused on the Bladeguard Veterans which have been a lot of fun to paint so far, the detail on the kit is really great though there is still some time to go until they will be completed. 

Looking to the future on the next additions I am planning a rough army list for expansion to 50 Power which is going to be looking like this:

  • Primaris Chaplain [New] 
  • Primaris Lieutenant
  • 5x Intercessors, Powerfist
  • 5x Intercessors, Powerfist
  • 5x Assault Intercessors, Powerfist [New]
  • 3x Bladeguard Veterans
  • 3x Outriders [New]
  • 3x Eradicators
  • 5x Hellblasters [New]

So that leaves plenty to be getting on with for now. Thanks for reading and until next time all the best, 


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