Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 6

Gondor’s armies are growing and the much needed reinforcements have assembled with the 600 points list now starting to take shape. 

Both the infantry and cavalry elements are stuck so things are looking good. Here is a shot of the force coming together:

You may notice that I have went back and added some more flock to the statue from my CD Terrain series, it didn’t quite fit right with the board before but the additional flock looks much better. 

Standing back and looking at the force as a whole I am going to put some small adjustments on the to-do list:

Take out a Knight of Minas Tirith:

Using the points (and model!) to equip Faramir with a shield and lance. 

This will make Faramir more effective in- game and I think that it will look nicer too. It is also one less model to paint! 

Add Flowers to Bases:

Overall the scheme is quite flat so I feel this is going to inject some brightness. 

Work on Improving the Paint Job:

The grey robes and silver armour seem to be quite close in colour so I have been deliberating on ways to increase the contrast. For the robes in particular I may make them darker, especially in the recesses by pushing further to black away from grey. With the armour some gold detailing here and there might help as well. 

This being somewhat of a slow-burner project for the Middle Earth SBG Hobby Bingo it means there isn’t a need to rush so why not spend the extra time polishing the army! That being said I am still going to squeeze in some smaller hobby projects to tick off some hobby bingo squares in the short term and keep motivation up. 

That’s all for now thanks for reading and until next time all the best, Steve. 

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