CD Terrain Series 2: Ancient Statue

After having a not undeserved break, I have returned with some more progress on the hobby backlog. Expect lots of updates this week with several projects currently underway. 

Starting off with another CD Terrain piece I will be using one of the statues from Games Workshop’s Ruins of Osgiliath set that has been collecting dust in the hobby space.

Similar to the Dwarven Tomb piece completed in the previous blog post in this series, I began by layering on filler to an old CD to strengthen it and provide some rocky texture. The statue was then placed on top with polystyrene offcuts and some PVA to help seal it in. Fine modelling sand was applied once dry and undercoated with Dryad Bark. A wash of Agrax Earthshade followed by dry brushes of Mournfang Brown and Ushabti Brown. 

As for the statue itself, I wanted something more colourful than the dusty old tomb so I added Sotek Green and then dry brushed with same with some ushabti bone added for a highlight. Washes of Coelia Greenshade and then Agrax Earthshade were applied to bring everything back down. 

On the previous project I had forgone adding flock as I wanted for it to be used in an underground setting, for the statue however I went for a mix of Woodland Scenics flock scattered around the base for added decoration.

I am happy with the end result and the statue will make a nice landmark for my burgeoning Minas Tirith force to fight over. On that note, expect to see some Mordor adversaries appearing soon! 

Thanks for reading this quick update, check back soon for more and until then, all the best. 


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