Lords of the Mortal Realms Preview: Reaction

Another online preview was shown to us yesterday, this time all of the releases were for the Mortal Realms. Although I am not the biggest connoisseur when it comes to Age of Sigmar (40K & Middle Earth being my favourite systems) some of the models that have been coming out are too good to resist so I thought that I would share my top three picks from this weeks preview – I would be interested to hear any thoughts in the comments about the releases!

1 – Warhammer Quest – Cursed City

I said it in the previous previews, this looks amazing. The look and feel of the artwork reminds me almost of Warhammer in the Old World, a mix of Mordheim and a element of horror to it. The miniatures look great with an eclectic mix of heroes and some pretty nasty looking villains. Expect to see content upon release because I really can’t wait for this!

2 – Wight King

Not being a fan of the Ossiarch Bonereapers, this guy is a return to form for Death in my opinion and he has definitely received an upgrade in this re-incarnation. You can really see how far the miniatures have come from when the original was released.

3 – The First Prince

Another returning character from the world-that-was, I think that we can be sure this is Be’Lakor receiving the makeover treatment. Age of Sigmar is lacking in recognisable named characters so this will make a nice addition. Hopefully we will see the model in full soon.

These were the highlights of the preview for me. Agree, disagree – let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading be sure to check back again for more content and until then all the best,


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