CD Terrain Series

This is a method that I have seen crop up on various forums using an old CD as a base for scatter terrain. Anything that uses old leftover bits and pieces is a winner in my eyes and it makes a sturdy base for your terrain piece too.

I had started making a few of these pieces a while back and as with a great many projects, they never got finished so I thought it was time to spend some time finishing them off!

Here is the first terrain piece, using an old tomb from the Mines of Moria boxset. You will have to excuse the lighting in the second picture but hopefully you get the idea, without the camera flash there is a bit more contrast in the ground where I had mixed in areas of dark grey into the brown areas. I wanted the terrain to be useable in different settings which is why I didn’t go full grey or brown and avoided adding foliage to this piece.

There will be more of these CD terrain pieces to follow and I will be trying to theme them to a specific army as my plan is for them to fit into a travel-tray of sorts for tournaments. The travel-tray will be textured with a gap for a terrain centrepiece which will be interchangeable depending on what army that I will be taking. For instance, this tomb piece would fit if you are taking a Moria army whereas if you are taking Minas Tirith, a white tree piece might be a good idea.

Thanks for reading, be sure to check back again for more CD terrain ideas. Until then all the best,


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