New Year, New Army: Part Three

For this year’s Age of Sigmar New Year, New Army challenge I had set myself an ambitious challenge with a new Idoneth Deepkin force – let’s see the progress! 

To re-cap on the objectives, for this challenge I had wanted to:

  • Go for something different on the bases.
  • Avoid using blue in the paint scheme.
  • Have the project complete by the end of January.

Although I did a few experimental bases, in the end I did some further experimenting with the GW crackle paint. The result wasn’t too far off from my normal style when painted, so probably something I would need to work on some more. They are yet to receive foliage or grass tufts so this may be an opportunity to differentiate them somewhat.

Colour wise I think I did pretty well, just a blue/green hue used for the weapon shafts. Originally these were done in a warm brown which didn’t look quite right, they seem to look better with the colder tone here.

Finally, progress was good but not entirely finished – everything has the base colours on so not looking too bad at all for table-top standard. As the current situation leaves gaming a long-way off, I will work on finishing them to a higher standard before looking at ways to expand the force (the Bloodsurf Hunt appears good value but I am not sure how good they are in game!).

So, here is a quick picture of the warband coming together:

Closeup of the Namarti Thralls, you can get a better idea of the colour scheme:

More progress to come next week, until then I will be working on more Middle Earth SBG and 40K work in the meantime. Thanks for reading and until then all the best,


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