Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log 2

Continuing on from my last hobby log for the Middle Earth SBG where I had completed a classic metal standard bearer for Minas Tirith, this last week I have been working on some more additions for the White City. 

Seeing other Gondor miniatures I had tucked away, I found my neglected plastic Pippin model. As you can tell there are remnants of an old experimental paint scheme, this is going to be changed to the traditional movie colours which I enjoyed painting on the standard bearer. The base also has quite a large grain of sand so I likely will swap this for something finer to keep consistency across the basing. 

Whilst I was stocking up on painting supplies, I couldn’t help but add Faramir to my order. He has always been one of my favourite characters in the books and movies and I wanted a nice shiny new model to lead the army. There are a few more heroes in my backlog that I have but these are in various stages of painting which is why I wanted something fresh to work on with this one.  Not only that but Faramir is a pretty solid all-rounder in game.

Once these two are done then I can start to look at adding in some warriors. I have quite a few Warriors of Minas Tirith and Rangers in various colour schemes so will need to strip them before they can be repurposed. Hero-wise I also have Hurin, Ingold, Damrod, Madril and Cirion (I believe!) who can be brought in to lead additional warbands. Although I do have the amazing Gandalf the White plastic kit I am somewhat apprehensive about attempting painting him just yet, as we all know white can be very tricky to get right! 

That’s all for now, expect updates later in the week for more from Middle Earth. Until then all the best, 


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