Middle Earth SBG: Hobby Log

It was a busy week this week and has it sometimes happens, didn’t leave much time for painting. Not letting this stop me, I had a look through the miniatures cupboard to see what could be done for a Sunday hobby project.

In the last Middle Earth SBG post, I challenged myself to complete the hobby bingo so had a study of the squares to see what might be accomplished. I thought that finishing a model that has been in my to-do pile for a year would be a good place to start!

After seeing what models were hiding away, I settled upon this classic metal Minas Tirith standard bearer. I’ve dabbled with Minas Tirith in the past but could never settle upon a colour scheme that I actually liked so the plan here is to keep to the movie colours and then hopefully things can’t go too far wrong.

The guys at Top Table gaming over on YouTube have a great tutorial on painting Warriors of Minas Tirith. I had to adapt it to suit the paints available to me so it ended up something like this:

  • Armour – Base Leadbelcher, Drybrush Iron Hands Steel, Drybrush Runefang Steel, Wash Nuln Oil, Edge Highlight Stormhost Silver
  • Skin – Base Cadian Fleshtone, Highlight Kislev Flesh, Wash Agrax Earthshade
  • Leather & Wood – Base Dryad Bark, Highlight 50/50, Highlight Baneblade Brown, Wash Agrax Earthshade
  • Cloth – Base Eshin Grey, Highlight Mechanicus Standard Grey, Highlight Dawnstone, Wash Nuln Oil
  • Gold – Base Retributor Gold, Wash Agrax Earthshade, Highlight Liberator Gold, Highlight Stormhost Silver
  • Base – Base Dryad Bark, Wash Agrax Earthshade, Drybrush Mournfang Brown, Drybrush Ushabti Brown

Here is the end result, I’m quite pleased how he turned out. The paint scheme is easy enough and the palette is fairly limited to it will be ideal for painting hordes of troops if need be. You may notice that the top of the banner is missing, this is because whilst inspecting the paintjob I actually dropped the model and it flew right off! Maybe I will repair it in future but for now I’m calling it job done.

So a good start made with the standard bearer, it’s given me some inspiration to look at expanding on a Minas Tirith force for the remaining hobby bingo squares. Stay tuned for more hobby logs next week as I work on my Idoneth Deepkin as part of the New Year, New Army challenge.

Until next time all the best,


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